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The Real Estate Virtual Assistant Model | Grow Your Real Estate Business While Lowering Costs

Keller Williams Realty’s Real Estate Agent Career Audio Training:

KW Agent MountainGary Keller Realtor Career Audio Interview:

Grow Your Real Estate Business While Lowering Costs

Chris Myers Keller Williams Realty Orlando, FL

Chris Myers, Orlando Property Group – Keller Williams Realty

The Real Estate Virtual Assistant Model


If you are looking for a proven strategy for how to grow your real estate business while lowering the costs, you need to consider hiring a real estate virtual assistant.  Whether you are just considering starting a real estate career or you are an experienced real estate agent, understanding how to control your costs and becoming an expert at managing your expenses in your real estate business, will give you the competitive edge you need.  The virtual assistant model in real estate is quickly becoming one of the most utilized and productive leverage tools for the most innovative real estate agents that are really serious about taking their real estate businesses to the next level.    In this free real estate career training audio session from KW Agent Mountain, Gary Keller talks with Keller Williams Mega Agent Chris Myers of  The Orlando Property Group.   Listen and learn, as Chris and Gary talk about how hiring a  real estate virtual assistant dramatically helped lower the costs of running his top producing real estate team, and how it was a catalyst for helping him take his real estate team’s business to the next level.


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