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How To Use A Showing Assistant | Keller Williams Millionaire Real Estate Team Building

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How To Use A Showing Assistant

Aaron Armstrong, Armstrong Real Estate Group – Keller Williams Nashville, TN

With the shift in the real estate industry, top real estate agents and teams are now asking, ‘How can I manage my bottom line and control the costs of sales?‘   With the majority of the costs of sales occurring on the buyer side of their real estate business,  top real estate agents are now hiring a showing assistant/showing specialist as the best way to service their clients and control their expenses.       In this free real estate career audio training session from KW Agent Mountain, Gary Keller talks with KW mega agent Aaron Armstrong, of the Armstrong Real Estate Group in Nashville, TN.  Aaron discusses with Gary about how he added a showing specialist to increase his number of transactions and grow his real estate team’s buyer  business.

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The Three Key Hires and the Showing Assistant

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