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The Future Of The Real Estate Industry From Gary Keller | The Internet & Mega Agent Expansion

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Gary Keller

Gary Keller, Co-founder & Chairman of the Board, Keller Williams Realty International

The Future Of The Real Estate Industry From Gary Keller

The Internet & Mega Agent Expansion

Whether you are just considering starting a real estate career or you are an experienced real estate agent looking to grow your real estate business, it is important to understand where the real estate industry is going and how you can best position your real estate career to better secure your future success in the real estate business.    Gary Keller, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams Realty, Intl, and the author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers business books( The Millionaire Real Estate Agent & The ONE Thing), shares his personal perspective on the future of the real estate industry.

Gary Keller believes the future of the real estate industry will continue to be shaped by the power of the internet and the expanding role of the real estate agent.    It use to be, that the value of a real estate company was to provide information on and access to, the local real estate market for real estate consumers.   When the internet started providing direct access to this information for the real estate consumers, a shift happened in the real estate industry.   Real estate agents and their ability to provide value in the real estate process, became the true ‘product’ of the real estate industry.   The internet also made it easier for real estate agents to generate their own real estate business, rather than having to rely on the traditional marketing efforts of their ‘brick and mortar’ real estate company.

This shift of the control of real estate business, has transformed the real estate industry into a real estate agent driven business…not a real estate company brand marketed driven business.   Gary Keller believes, that the real estate agents that are able to  generate a high volume of consistent real estate business, and build real estate teams and businesses that are also duplicatable,  will be able to expand their real estate businesses into additional markets.    If you want to take your real estate career to the highest level, listen and learn from one of the true visionaries of the real estate industry, as Gary Keller shares how the internet and mega agent expansion trend will continue to reshape the future of the real estate industry.

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