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LIVE For Sale By Owner Prospecting Cold Call | FSBO Phone Scripts For Realtors

LIVE For Sale By Owner Prospecting Cold Call

David Hill, Hill Team Associates – Keller Williams Worcester, MA


FSBO Phone Scripts For Realtors


Are you looking for some proven and updated realtor phone scripts for cold calling on FSBO’s(For Sale By Owners)?  In this realtor career coaching video from Keller Williams mega agent David Hill, from Worcester,MA., watch as one of the true masters of FSBO prospecting shares a live cold call with a for sale by owner in his market.   In today’s ever shifting real estate market, an overwhelming majority of For Sale By Owners will not sell.  If a FSBO happens to sell, the market data shows, that the house will take more time on the market to sell and the seller will net less money, then if it was listed by a realtor.    Most realtors do not like to cold call for sale by owners or expired listings, so for the real estate agents that are motivated and willing to master the scripts, cold calling FSBO’s can be an amazing source of immediate and inexpensive real estate leads.   Watch and learn from this live FSBO cold call, as David explains the process,  shares his strategies, systems and techniques for making these calls. Anyone can make these calls it just takes practice. Please notice how the for sale by owner was not resistant,  and how she gave David her email address, and was talkative. The plan with this for sale by owner is to put her in David’s  33 touch and 8×8 seller drip campaigns and follow up in 1 week.

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