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How To Effectively Manage Your Real Estate Contact Database

darren phillipy real estate coach

Darren Phillipy Keller Williams Real Estate Coach

Daren Phillipy, Real Estate Coach & Team Leader of KW – Henderson, NV

How To Effectively Manage Your Real Estate Contact Database

The most successful real estate agents understand that the success of their real estate career is directly related to their ability to develop, manage and effectively prospect their real estate contact database.     Whether you are an existing real estate agent trying to build your real estate business or are just starting a real estate career, you have to understand and acknowledge, that you are in the lead generation business first, and the real estate business second.    The truth is, most real estate agents do not understand this fact, and many real estate agents are not running their real estate careers like a business owner.   At the end of the day, the real estate business is simply a numbers game.  The more real estate contacts that think about you when they, or someone they know, has a real estate need…the bigger your real estate business will be.    Learning how to effectively build and manage your real estate contact database, will give your real estate career the competitive edge it needs.

In this real estate career training session from Daren Phillipy, Keller Williams Team Leader and Real Estate Coach, Daren breaks down how real estate agents can master their real estate contact database to build a highly successful real estate business.      Listen and learn, as Daren breaks down how to build your real estate contact database, and how to systematically ‘touch’ and nurture your database to generate a consistent flow of real estate leads and referrals for your real estate business.   If you want to learn how to effectively manage your real estate contact database to build a successful real estate career, KW agent training class is a must listen!

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