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Top Real Estate Agent Prospecting Scripts For Expired Listings

Brian Icenhower Real Estate Career Coaching

Brian Icenhower, Keller Williams Team Leader/Coach

Top Prospecting Scripts For Expired Listings

One of the most cost effective and productive sources for real estate agents to prospect for new listings for their real estate business, are expired listings.  If you want to get more purposeful about prospecting for expired listings and are looking for proven real estate agent scripts that top producers today are using to prospect and convert expired listings, you need to watch this video from Keller Williams Team Leader, Trainer & Coach Brian Icenhower.   In this real estate coaching video, Brian  interviews top producing Keller Williams Realty agents Ron Henderson and John Harris to learn their favorite real estate prospecting scripts, dialogues and objections handlers when contacting expired listings.     Expired listings are what Ron & John call,  the ‘low hanging fruit’, meaning they are they most motivated and ready to sell sellers.  Most real estate agents are hesitant to work cold calling listings into their daily real estate lead generation activities, because they are deterred by the stigma of cold calling or they do not want to hear the amount of ‘NO’s!’ they will hear before they hear that one ‘YES!.  John and Ron try to help you overcome this, by explaining that expired listings just want help and want to know who the top aggressive real estate agents are in their area.   If you are willing to get purposeful about prospecting for expired listings in your area, and practice the proven real estate agent scripts for cold calling expired listings, you can truly create a competitive advantage for your real estate career.   Listen and learn, from two of the best real estate agents for using prospecting scripts for converting expired listings into sold listings for their real estate businesses.

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