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The Power of Video To Grow Your Real Estate Business | Real Estate Career Coaching Webinar From MyRedGuru


Real Estate Career Coaching | Webinar From MyRedGuru


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Mahogany Rhodes Keller Wiliams Atlanta                                        jmichaelmanley

Mahongany Rhodes, Keller Williams Atlanta, Ga             J. Michael Manley, Keller Williams Greenville, SC



The Power of Video To Grow Your Real Estate Business


There is no question, that more and more real estate agents are turning to video to give their real estate marketing the competitive advantage it needs.  Not only can video be one of the most cost effective and time efficient leverage tools for a real estate agent to utilize in their real estate marketing efforts, it also allows a real estate agent to make a much more personal and powerful connection with potential and existing real estate customers.   For those real estate agents that are looking to generate more online real estate business, the proper use of video can take your real estate website or real estate blog to the first page of Google.

In this recorded real estate career training webinar, Keller Williams Realty Mega Agents, Mahogany Rhodes and J. Michael Manley, connect on Google Places with John Pohly of MyRedGuru.com, to share their proven strategies for how to harness the power of video to grow your real estate business.  Whether you are an experienced real estate agent or just considering starting a real estate career, understanding how to leverage video in your real estate business can really give you the competitive advantage you need in your real estate career.   Watch and learn, as two of the most innovative real estate agents in leveraging video in their real estate business, share their secrets with you.

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