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The Best Expense Management For Real Estate Teams | Keller Williams Realtor Business Coaching With Gary Keller

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The Best Expense Management For Real Estate Teams


Gary Keller, Co-Founder & Chairman of The Board of Keller Williams Realty

At Keller Williams Family Reunion 2012 in Orlando, FL., Gary Keller and KW MAPS Coach Tony DiCello, talked with a panel of top mega real estate agents, who are masters at expense management for their highly productive real estate teams.    In today’s constantly shifting real estate market, successful real estate agents understand that they must not only have better expense management and hold their marketing dollars accountable, they have to understand to how to attract and keep the right talent to leverage to build a highly efficient real estate team.    if you don’t have a plan for expense management, often times the more you earn…the less you net.  Gary Keller strongly believes, that the profit your real estate business makes is made by expense management…not by gross income.    In this free real estate career coaching audio session from KW Agent Mountain, listen and learn from three of the best in the real estate industry at expense management for real estate teams:  Craig Reger – Portland, OR Jeff Quintin – Ocean City, NJ and Kurt Buehler -Flower Mound, TX.


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Aaron Kaufman is a Keller Williams Growth Coach, who is passionate about sharing the KW story and attracting quality talent to Keller Williams Realty.

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