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Steps To Follow When Branding Your Real Estate Business | Realtor Marketing Strategies

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Steps To Follow When Branding Your Real Estate Business

William Bustos, The William Bustos Team – Keller Williams Realty, Utah

One of the biggest myths of the real estate industry, is that real estate customers select their real estate agent based on the real estate company that they work for…and this is just not true.  It has been proven time and time again, when a real estate agent leaves one real estate company and moves to another, THEIR real estate business and relationships follow them to the new company.   YOU are the reason YOU will do business, so maybe you should start marketing your real estate business around yourself and not your real estate company.  At Keller Williams Realty, we believe that the real estate agent is the brand of recognition, and Keller Williams Realty is the brand of reputation.   We train our real estate agents to market their brand for their real estate business, so that someday, they can build a real estate business that will continue to produce, long after they have sold their last home.

In this free realtor career coaching session from KW Agent Mountain,  Gary Keller talks with Keller Williams mega agent William Bustos, of the The Williams Bustos Team in Utah.   Listen and learn, as William shares his steps to follow when branding your real estate business.    Whether you are a newly licensed real estate agent or an experienced realtor looking to re-brand your real estate business, the information shared in this interview is invaluable!

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