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Social Media Strategy For Building Your Online Real Estate Presence

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Tony Giordano, Keller Williams International Luxury Agent/National Speaker for Keller Williams Realty

Social Media Strategy For Building

Your Online Real Estate Presence

Whether you are just considering starting a real estate career or are already an existing agent looking for strategies and tips for building your online real estate presence, understanding how to utilize and maximize social media can give your real estate business the online competitive edge it needs.   Being purposeful and persistent with your social media efforts, can create a sustainalbe source of ongoing and cost effective real estate leads that will give you the leverage to grow your real estate career to the highest level.   In his powerful ‘Online Presence vs. Present Online’ presentation at Keller Williams Mega Camp 2015, Keller Williams Luxury agent and author of the bestselling book, ‘the social agent’, Tony Giordano,  shares his social media strategy and tips on online lead generation and the luxury real estate marketing with over 10,000 Keller Williams real estate agents.   If you want to get purposeful about social media in your real estate career and want to develop a real estate online presence that actually results in more real estate business, listen and learn from one of the true experts in the business today.

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