Recap of KW Mega Camp 2010 – Day 3 & 4: The Rise of Craigslist, E-Transactions & More!


Recap of KW Mega Camp 2010 – Day 3 & 4


Day 3, Wed., Sept. 15, 2010

Gary Keller took center stage today at Mega Agent Camp facilitating a highly instructive and visual program featuring the best in the business who shared (and SHOWED) attendees the systems needed to generate massive success.

Keep up with the high points, as we bring you up-to-the minute coverage of the best news, video, photos and tweets from Mega Camp!

Weare a little biased toward success?
With a message that success is all about tapping the transformative power created by focusing on what matters most, Gary Keller, set the stage for bursting through ceilings.?

Fuel for your tech fire
Liz Landry, associate, reveals her top five AHA’s from Mega Technology Camp.

The rise of Craigslist and how you can use it to generate leads
Bob Cenk generated $700,000 in GCI from Craigslist alone ? learn his strategies for success.

KW en Español: Just announced at Mega Camp! Build YOUR brand with Spanish-speaking consumers! From attracting leads to getting appointments to winning their business, you now have professional, customizable marketing materials in Spanish to help you target this growing market.

Day 4, Thurs., Sept. 16, 2010

Mega Camp 2010 wrapped up today as Mega Agent Camp drew to a close. Thanks to all 10,000+ real estate professionals for joining us in Austin, Texas to “Unleash Your Power!”  See you next year!

Consistency and persistence are the name of the game
It’s not about the source of the lead. It’s about the methodology.

Listings: what works right now
When the market shifted, Barbara Van Poole shifted with it. Learn her strategies for getting listings sold in today’s market.

Success through others
How to make the most of Buyers Agents and Showing Assistants.

Profit Sharing – the ultimate investment
As of this year, KW has shared more than $300 million in profit with associates. Gary Keller thinks it should be more. Find out why!

E-transactions. KW Trendsetters. KWLS green features. Green branding.
What do these topics have in common? They’re all part of the KW green initiative.

What were your Mega Camp “AHA’s”?

What was the one thing you learned at Mega Camp that you are thrilled to try in your market?

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