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Real Estate Team Building | Organizational Structure Of A Mega Real Estate Team


Real Estate Team Building


Organizational Structure Of A Mega Real Estate Team

Many real estate brokers make as much money as a doctor, so why don’t they run their real estate businesses the same way? If your doctor answered the call for appointments, helped you fill out forms, submitted insurance paperwork, and managed billing, they wouldn’t make any money. They have a team of nurses, records specialists, admins, and other professionals who handle all of that work so the can focus on their unique area of expertise.  In this recorded webinar from IMSD(Internet Marketing Specialist Designation) , Keller Williams mega agent Ben Kinney shares how brokers can model and organize their real estate team the same way.  Watch and learn as Ben shares how he has set up the organizational structure of his mega real estate team, which closed over 500 transactions in 2011, and why Ben strongly believes this is how real estate agents need to build their real estate teams in the future.



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