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Real Estate Farming, Marketing, Open Houses & Expireds/FSBOs | Mega Agent Panel Audio From KW Mega Camp 2012

Keller Williams Realty’s Real Estate Agent Career Audio Training:

KW Agent MountainGary Keller Realtor Career Audio Interview:


 Mega Agent Panel Audio From KW Mega Camp 2012


 Real Estate Farming, Marketing, Open Houses & Expireds/FSBOs


At Keller Williams Mega Camp 2012, over 10,000 Keller Williams Realty  associates from around the world came together in Austin, Texas in September, for one of the largest real estate training events in the real estate industry.  The  greatest benefits of starting your real estate career or continuing your real estate business at Keller Williams Realty, is that our agent-centric business model is founded on the idea of TEAM: Together EveryoneAchieves More.    As a result of sharing ideas and masterminding with other Keller Williams agents, our KW associates don’t have to ‘re-invent the wheel’ and they are encouraged to model their systems after the KW agents that are doing business in their market at the highest level.

In this free real estate career audio training session from KW Agent Mountain, Gary Keller talks with a panel of Mega Agents about how they have built their top producing real estate businesses.   Listen and learn, as KW Mega Agent Michael Burke shares his proven farming strategy system for becoming the local real estate expert of choice for specific gated communities in his market. Find out how KW Mega Agent Ryan Dallas has used radio advertising to grow and market his real estate business at the highest level.  Hear how KW Mega Agent Lysi Bishop has been able to grow her top producing real estate business through her innovative open house system. Finally, listen and learn from Mega Agent Steve Futch, who shares his proven strategy for converting Expired listings and For Sale By Owners/FSBSs into sold listings for his real estate team.

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