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Real Estate Agent Scripts and Strategy For Effective Door Knocking



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Real Estate Agent Scripts and Strategy For Effective Door Knocking


One of the most effective and zero cost sources for real estate agents to market their real estate business and generate immediate real estate listings for their real estate business is door knocking.   Whether you are just starting a real estate career and are looking for zero cost way to market yourself, or you are an experienced real estate agent that wants to grow your listing inventory, learning how to master the real estate agents scripts and strategy for effective door knocking, combined with the willingness to do a lead generation activity that most real estate agents do not feel comfortable doing, can give your real estate business a true competitive advantage.   In this free real estate career coaching video from Keller Williams Team Leader and coach, Kevin Ward, Kevin shares his insights on the most effective strategy for real estate agents to use for door knocking success. By targeting only new and old expired listings, for sale by owners,  distressed properties and previewing the properties, a real estate agent can ‘Turbo charge’ their door knocking.   Watch and learn, as he shows real estate agents how to maximize both time efficiency and effectiveness when real estate  prospecting by knocking doors.  If you are looking for the best real estate agent scripts and strategy for effective real estate door knocking, this video is a must watch!


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