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Phone Scripts For Calling Expired Listings

Deric Lipski, Keller Williams Realty – Easton, MA

One of  the most attractive aspects of a career in real estate, is that there are so many different ways and sources to generate real estate business.   Not only is it important for you to define your personal niche for generating real estate business, but you have to be committed to the daily activities that will guarantee the success of your real estate career.   Not many realtors are excited about cold calling expired listings, but for the real estate agents that are committed to doing it every morning and master the phone scripts, cold calling expired listings can be a great source of immediate and ongoing real estate leads…and it doesn’t cost any money.  By mastering the scripts, being committed to being the local real estate expert, coming from the mindset of contribution and being patient and persistent, Deric has been able to build a top producing real estate business.  Watch and learn from one of the true masters of phone scripts for calling on expired listings.

In the below videos, Deric cold calls two really tough expired listing live!!  These were two of the all-time toughest calls Deric has had, but he just keeps pushing threw and tries being polite on the way. After many ‘NO’s’…they both eventually say ‘YES’! 




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