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Mega Agent Expansion & The Future of Keller Williams Realty | Interview With Gary Keller

keller williams mega agent expansion

Interview With Gary Keller

Gary Keller

Gary Keller, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams Realty, Int’l

Mega Agent Expansion & The Future of Keller Williams Realty

The next evolution of the real estate industry is here, and Gary Keller and Keller Williams Realty is ready to be the pioneer and lead this inevitable Mega Agent Expansion Revolution.  Based on the vision of Gary Keller and the collective masterminding of the top mega agents around N. America, Keller Williams Realty is rolling at a ground-breaking real estate training and coaching program to help mega agents expand their real estate businesses into additional markets across their state, the country and even internationally.   If you are a real estate agent that wants to grow their real estate business without borders and want to multiply your real estate career success, you need to take a closer look at the new Keller Williams Mega Agent Expansion.

In the below videos, Gary Keller shares his personal insights on how this Mega Agent Expansion revolution started,  where it is going and how Keller Williams Realty will continue to be the real estate company of choice for top producing real estate teams and mega agents in the future.  Gary thinks the shift of the control of real estate business, has transformed the real estate industry into a real estate agent driven business…not a real estate company brand marketed driven business. The real estate agents that are able to  generate a high volume of consistent real estate business, and build real estate teams and businesses that are also duplicatable,  will be able to expand their real estate businesses into additional markets.    Gary strongly believes that ‘KW will literally be the largest real estate sales force the planet has ever seen. It’s not necessarily because we WANT to be, it’s because we are WILLING to be. We are willing to do the right things to support our people, so we don’t put any celings on them, and they are going to take us there!’   Find out more about Mega Agent Expansion and how Keller Williams Realty is the best place for real estate agents that think big and aim high!

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