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Making Your Own Market and Getting Your Unfair Share With Gary Keller|Keller Williams Realty Agent Career Training


Keller Williams Realty Agent Career Training:

Making Your Own Market and Getting Your Unfair Share With Gary Keller


Gary Keller, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams Realty,  talks at the Craig Proctor Super Conference in LA.  In this video, Gary talks about how successful agents are not defined by their market, but rather, they create their own market.  Are you a newly licensed real estate agent or an experienced realtor who only wants to get their fair share of the real estate business, or do you want to get your unfair share?   Gary Keller helps provide strategic direction for the company, while serving as a visionary leader within the North American real estate industry.  Gary and his writing team have written three nationally best-selling books: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and most recently, SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times.


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