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Internet Lead Generation Strategies For Real Estate Agents | IMSD Real Estate Career Training



imsd internet lead generation for real estate agents

Internet Marketing Specialist Designation For Real Estate Agents

Internet Lead Generation Strategies For Real Estate Agents

There is no question that more and more real estate customers are going to the internet to find their real estate agents.  The real estate agents that can master the proven internet lead generation strategies and be consistent and persistent with their efforts, will be the top real estate agents in their market in the near future.    In these free real estate career training videos from IMSD(Internet Marketing Specialist Designation), hear IMSD Community Manager and Keller Williams MAPS Bold Tech Coach, Chad Hyams share three proven internet lead generation strategies for real estate agents.  If you have or are thinking about starting a real estate blog, are considering running a pay-per-click marketing campaign or want to better utilize Google+, you definitely need to watch these videos.    Whether you are a newly licensed real estate agent or an experienced real estate agent looking to grow your internet real estate business, following updated and proven strategies for internet lead generation can give your real estate business the competitive advantage it needs.

Chad explains the new rules Google has set for your real estate blog posts and what it takes for Google to index them.

Listen to this important advice from Chad before you spend any money on pay-per-click advertising for your real estate business.

 Chad talks about how Google+ is not a social network.

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