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Improve Your Real Estate Listings Skills | Realtor Strategies For Listing Price Adjustments

Improve Your Real Estate Listings Skills

Darren Phillipy Keller Williams Real Estate Coach

Daren Phillipy, Keller Williams Team Leader/Coach – Henderson, NV

Julie Youngblood Real Estate Coaching

Julie Youngblood, KW Agent/Coach – Las Vegas, NV

Realtor Strategies For Listing Price Adjustments

At Keller Williams Realty, we strongly believe that the healthiest and most successful real estate agent businesses should be listing based real estate businesses.   If appropriately priced and properly marketed, a real estate agent should be able to convert one of their real estate listings into multiple real estate transactions.  Not only will other potential sellers in the neighborhood want to list their home with that real estate agent after they get their neighbor’s house sold quickly, but the listing agent will also come in contact with many buyers who do not have a real estate agent yet.   The other advantage of being a listing focused real estate agent, is that listings do not require the same amount of time and energy that buyers do.   If you want to have more flexibility and leverage in your real estate business, you definitely want to focus on generating more qualified listings first.

In order to build your listing inventory for your real estate career and sell them faster and for more money, you have to consistently build and practice your real estate listings skills.  In this recorded real estate career coaching podcast from KW Team Leader/Coach Daren Philliby, Daren talks with Keller Williams Real Estate Coach, Julie Youngblood, who shares her realtor strategies for how you can get more listings and improve your listing skills. Julie also offers ideas on how and where real estate agents can prospect for more listings and how she handles objections in her listing presentation.  If you want to get more purposeful about growing your listing inventory, and want some proven scripts on how to handle listing price adjustments and reductions, this podcast is a must listen.

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