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Implement Video Marketing Into Your Real Estate Business

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Tony Giordano, Keller Williams – Beverly Hills, Ca

Implement Video Marketing Into Your Real Estate Business

If you are looking for some proven tips for how to effectively implement video marketing into your real estate business, you need to watch this Keller Williams Realty real estate career coaching video with real estate video marketing expert, Tony Giordano.  Tony is a CEO – Business Strategist with Keller Williams Realty Beverly Hills, CA, and is one of the top social media savvy agents in the real estate industry.  He has written his first book titled, The Social Agent: The New Era of Social Networking, which educates real estate professionals on the correct ways to integrate social media into a real estate business.   If you want to successfully implement video marketing into your real estate business, just start by trying these three simple tips from Tony: 1. Create your own you-tube channel for your real estate business and add relevant public videos to your channel, 2. , create and appropriate tage your own relevant real estate content and 3., purposefully drive traffic to your real estate channel through social media, email & direct marketing.  If all you do is apply these three strategies for implementing video marketing into your real estate business today, and are simply consistent and persistent with your efforts, you can create one of the most successful and cost effective sources for generating ongoing real estate leads for your real estate business.   Listen and learn, from one of the true experts on coaching real estate agents on how to effectively utilize video marketing to grow their real estate careers.

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