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How To Use Video To Grow Your Real Estate Business | Keller Williams Mega Agent Panel From Mega Camp 2012

Keller Williams Mega Agent Panel From Mega Camp 2012

Live From KW Mega Camp 2012

How To Use Video To Grow Your Real Estate Business

Did you know, that only 12% of real estate agents have a YouTube channel, and that 78% of home sellers want their real estate agents to have a YouTube Channel?  If you want to get a competitive advantage over your competition in your real estate market, understanding the best strategies for using video in your real estate business will be critical.  If you want to learn how to use video to grow your real estate business, you might want to first learn from the real estate agents that are using video at the highest level in their real estate businesses today.

In this real estate career training video from Keller Williams Realty’s Mega Camp 2012, a  panel of KW Mega Agents share their proven strategies of how they maximize video in their real estate businesses.   Watch and learn as KW Mega Agents Kenn Renner, Kenny Klaus, J. Michael Manley & Rowena Patton talk about how to build a YouTube channel that will generate ongoing real estate business, how to build community niche websites using video, how to become the local real estate expert of choice by educating real estate customers through video and how to do a video storyboard for all of your real estate listings that will get them sold faster and generate more listing clients.   Whether you are just considering starting a real estate career or you are an experienced agent looking to incorporate video more into your existing real estate business, the information shared in this video will be invaluable.

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