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How To Prospect For Real Estate Leads From Your Sphere of Influence | Realtor Script Coaching From Kevin Ward


Realtor Script Coaching From Kevin Ward


How To Prospect For Real Estate Leads From Your Sphere of Influence


There is an unlimited amount of sources for real estate agents to prospect for real estate leads, but no source is more important and more consistent, then a real estate agent’s sphere of influence.  At Keller Williams Realty, we define a real estate agent’s sphere of influence or SOI, as a constantly growing and evolving contact database of personal and business relationships, that a real estate agent should be ‘touching’ on a consistent basis.   The most successful real estate agents understand,  that it is their primary focus, to be considered the local real estate expert of choice, for everyone in their real estate database.   Whether a real estate agent decides to touch their sphere of influence through personal phone calls, emails, direct mail, social media or a combination of all of these, the most important factor that will determine the success of their real estate prospecting, will be whether or not they provide value and how consistently they touch their real estate database.   In this realtor script coaching video from KW Team Leader/Coach Kevin Ward, Kevin shares his proven strategies for prospecting for real estate leads from your sphere of influence.

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