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How To Get More Real Estate Listings in 2013 | Keller Williams Mega Agent Ben Kinney at Rain Camp

 How To Get More Real Estate Listings in 2013

 Ben Kinney, Keller Williams Bellingham, WA

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The foundation of any successful real estate business, has always been, and will continue to be, The Three L’s: Leads, Listings & Leverage.   A successful lead generation strategy for any real estate agent, must always start with focusing on getting  more listings first.   Every qualified real estate listing that a real estate agent takes, should generate multiple real estate leads and transactions, if properly marketed by the real estate agent.  Mega real estate agents consider themselves, a lead generator first….and a real estate agents second.  If it is all about generating the most real estate leads, and real estate listings generate the most leads, you have to starting focusing on the lead generation strategies that are going to build your listing inventory the fastest. Because from that listing inventory will come the leads, that will generate the leverage that you will need to build and grow you real estate business to the highest level.

If want to get more real estate listings in 2013, you have to first understand,  that the real estate market and the way that real estate agents generate listings is changing.  The most successful real estate agents understand, that they have to change their lead generation strategies now, for how to get more listings in 2013, if they want to stay ahead of their competition.     In this free real estate career training webinar from Active RainCamp & IMSD, Keller Williams Mega Agent and real estate internet lead generation guru, Ben Kinney, shares his thoughts on how real estate agents need to change the way they think about growing their real estate listing inventory in 2013.   Whether you are considering starting a real estate career in 2013,  or you an experienced agent looking to take their real estate business to the next level, the information shared in this recorded webinar is invaluable.  Listen and learn, as one of the true masters in internet lead generation in the real estate industry offers his advice on how to get more real estate listings in 2013.

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