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How To Double Your Real Estate Business | Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview With Debbie Irons



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KW Mega Agent Interviews With Rick Bosley

Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview With Debbie Irons

Debbie Irons Keller Williams Realty

Debbie Irons, The Irons Team – Keller Williams Realty Orlando, FL

How To Double Your Real Estate Business

Are you interested in finding proven strategies for how you can double your real estate business from one year to the next??   In this recorded real estate career coaching webinar from Keller Williams Realty Orlando – Waterford Team Leader Rick Bosley, Rick interviews KW Mega Agent Debbie Irons, who was actually able to more than double her real estate business in one year, from $4.2 million in transactions in 2012 to $9.5 million in 2013.    Debbie literally opens up and shares everything, from how she got into the business 10 years ago and how she had to find her own path to success in a real estate career, to being recently divorced and now a single mother of 4, who is also managing and growing a very successful real estate team in Orlando, FL.    Debbie talks about how it was critical for her to first change her mindset and remove her limiting beliefs, if she wanted to truly build a real estate career worth having, a real estate business worth running and a life worth living.   She also credits much of her real estate career success today, to attracting and leveraging the right talent to her real estate team, and being purposeful and consistent with her relationship building and lead generation activities.  If you really want to double your real estate business in the next year, you need to listen and learn from a real estate agent that has been able to do it in a down economy, while being recently divorced, and  a single mother of 4.

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