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How To Deliver A Successful Listing Presentation | Real Estate Career Training From Kevin Ward

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How To Deliver A Successful Listing Presentation

Whether you are an experienced real estate agent or just starting your real estate career, learning how to deliver a successful listing presentation, can give your real estate business a true competitive advantage.   The most successful real estate agents understand,  that the healthiest and most productive real estate businesses, regardless of market conditions, are always listing based.   It is a proven fact, when a real estate agent takes a qualified listing, not only should that listing generating additional listings for that agent once it sells, but is should also generate buyer leads as well.   Bottom line, the more  listings a real estate agent takes, the more real estate leads they generate and the bigger and better their real estate careers and businesses get.   A real estate agent’s  success in listing more homes will be directly proportionate to their ability to generate consistent listing appointments and simply their ability to deliver a powerful and successful listing presentation that produces a high listing appointment conversion rate.

In this real estate career training session from Keller Williams Realty Team Leader and Yes Masters Coach, Kevin Ward, Kevin shares how he coaches real estate agents on how to deliver a successful listing presentation.   Kevin believes that there are basically three types of listing presentations that real estate agents deliver in a listing appointment: 1. The Canned Listing Presentation, 2., The Choreographed Listing Presentation & 3., The ‘Just Wing It’ Listing Presentation.    Kevin breaks down each one of the listing presentation styles and explains how, by being prepared and not canned, real estate agents that can deliver a powerful and authentic listing presentation have a tremendous a success rate in converting their listing appointments.  If you want to  start taking a more purposeful and successful approach to building your listing inventory for your real estate business, learn from one of the best at coaching real estate agents on how to deliver a successful listing presentation.

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