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How To Convert More Internet Real Estate Leads | Realtor Lead Generation Coaching

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How To Convert More Internet Real Estate Leads

Jerimiah Taylor, The Jerimiah Taylor Team – Keller Williams Realty, Tuscon, AZ

There is no question, that the internet has changed, and will continue to change, the way real estate agents lead generate for real estate business.  More and more real estate customers are going to the internet to find their real estate agent, and real estate agents that have the most success with internet lead generation, are the ones that not only generate and capture the lead, but the ones that have the best conversion rates.   If you are you looking for proven strategies to convert more internet real estate leads, you need to listen to this free realtor career audio training session from KW Agent Mountain.   In this interview, Gary Keller talks with Keller Williams Mega Agent and real estate internet lead generation master,   Jerimiah Taylor, of The Jerimiah Taylor Team in Tuscon, AZ.   Jerimiah explains to Gary that by using top-notch service and quick follow up, you can dramatically increase your conversion rates of internet real estate leads.

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