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How To Cold Call FSBOs And Expired Listings | Seller Scripts Role Play Mega Agent Panel

KW Mega Real Estate Agent Seller Script Role Play Panel

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Moderator: David Hill, Hill & Associates, Worcester, MA

KW Mega Agent Panel:  Deric Lipski – KW Easton, MA , Jeff Mateja – Universal Properites Portland, ME & Arthur Martiroso – DNA Realty – Andover, MA

How To Cold Call FSBOs And Expired Listings

At the 3rd Annual Keller Williams Realty New England Regional Masterminds held in Cape Cod, MA from Nov. 16th -Nov. 17th 2013, there was a KW Mega Agent role play panel with three of the top KW real estate agents, who have truly mastered the scripts for effectively cold calling FSBOs(For Sale By Owners) and Expired Listings.   Whether you are an experienced real estate agent who wants to convert more For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings to Sold listings for your real estate business, or you are just starting your journey into a real estate career, understanding how to master the realtor scripts for cold calling on FSBOs and Expired Listings can give your real estate career the competitive advantage it needs.   Most real estate agents in your real estate market, refuse to incorporate these activities into their real estate lead generation, because it requires both a high level of daily commitment and a thick skin to handle the number of ‘NO’s’ it takes to find one ‘YES!’.    If you are willing to commit to mastering these real estate agent scripts,  and truly commit to time blocking your calls every day, you will be able to immediately grow the listing inventory for your real estate business, without having to spend any of your marketing dollars to do it.  In this Keller Williams Mega Agent Panel Role Play session, watch and learn as three of the most successful Keller Williams real estate agents for converting For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings into Sold listings,  share how they have mastered these scripts, how much time a day they commit to cold calling and how they handle some of the objections that the audience throws their way.  If you want to have real success using scripts to effectively cold call FSBOs and Expired Listings, you have to find the right scripts, and simply practice, practice and practice some more.

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