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How To Build A Successful Real Estate Business | #WaterCooler Interview With Keller Williams Realty Mega Agent Russell Rhodes

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Keller Williams Mega Agent #WaterCooler Interview

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Russell Rhodes, The Rhodes Team – Keller Williams Realty – Flower Mound, TX

How To Build A Successful Real Estate Business

Whether you are just starting your real estate career or are an existing real estate agent that is looking to grow their present real estate business to the next level, simply understanding and mastering how the top real estate agents in the industry do business today, will give you the competitive edge you need to dominate your local real estate market.  If you truly want to break through your natural ceiling of achievement in your real estate career and business, you need to listen to this powerful Keller Williams Mega Agent #WaterCooler interview with one of KW’s top real estate agents worldwide, Russell Rhodes.  In this real estate career training video,   Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin, co-founders of, which provides actionable advice on Digital Marketing and Technology to the real estate industry, talk with Russell about how his real estate team was able to generate over $4.9 million in real estate commissions last year, by mastering the basic concepts of building a successful real estate business.

Listen and learn, as Russell shares how by always coming from the mindset of contribution, and focusing on his 20%, which is cost effective real estate lead generation and what he calls, ‘reputation management’, he has been able to continue to build and grow his real estate industry leading real estate business.   Instead of taking a sales-driven approach to building and motivating his real estate team, Russell explains his consultative approach, which is always about taking care of their estate clients first.   Russell also shares how he holds his marketing dollars accountable and how he tracks the numbers of his real estate business, to make sure that they are always running a highly profitable and successful real estate business.  By attracting the right talent and supporting and nurturing them, and by not ‘cutting corners’ and always holding their real estate clients’ best needs and interest paramount, Russell has built an extremely powerful and profitable word of mouth/referral based real estate business, that also continues to deliver the highest level of customer service in the industry, whether Russell works with their clients or not.

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