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How To Ask For Referrals From Present Real Estate Clients | Real Estate Coaching From Kevin Ward


Real Estate Career Coaching From Kevin Ward


Kevin Ward, Keller Williams Team Leader/Coach

How To Ask For Referrals From Present Real Estate Clients


One of the greatest and least utilized opportunities for real estate agents to generate real estate referral business, is to ask their present real estate clients for referrals.    In this real estate career coaching session from Keller Williams Team Leader and coach, Kevin Ward, Kevin shares his proven scripts for asking present real estate clients for referral business.  Kevin believes that there are five reasons to ask for referrals from present real estate clients, and they are: 1., It builds credibility in you, 2., It builds confidence between you and your client, 3., It builds a referral base that grows each year, 4., It builds client loyalty & 5.,  It motivates you to give better service to your client.   The most successful real estate agents understand that if they deliver exceptional service to a real estate client, and are purposeful about asking for referrals, that they should expect to generate 5 additional real estate referrals from every one of their present clients over the next two years.

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