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How Real Estate Agents Get Listings | Best Realtor Strategies For Getting Listings From Kevin Ward


How Real Estate Agents Get More Listings |  Best Realtor Strategies For Getting Listings


Kevin Ward, Keller Williams Team Leader & Coach

Want to know what are the best ways to market for new listings and how top real estate agents consistently get more real estate listings than their competition??   In this free realtor career coaching session from Kevin Ward, Keller Williams Team Leader and Coach,  Kevin shares his best realtor strategies for getting more listings.   A successful real estate business should always be first and foremost, a listing-based business.    A qualified real estate listing will not only generate a sale(the sale of the property), but if properly marketed, it could and should generate several more transactions.    A real estate listing is the best source for real estate agents to not only find future buyer clients, but when they sell the listing, they have a great success story to market to other potential sellers in the neighborhood as well.  The real estate agents that  are committed to consistently prospecting for more listings,  will be the realtors that get the most listings, generate the most leads, and have the leverage needed to build a true real estate business worth running.

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