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Hiring a Lead Buyer Specialist With Showing Assistants Works|Keller Williams Realty Agent Career Audio Training From Gary Keller


Keller Williams Realty’s Real Estate Agent Career Audio Training:

KW Agent MountainGary Keller Realtor Career Audio Interview:

Hiring a Lead Buyer Specialist With Showing Assistants Works

Kevin Kauffman & Brad Tracy of KW Group 46:10

In this free realtor career audio training session from KW Agent Mountain, Gary Keller talks with mega KW agent Kevin Kauffman of Group 46:10 in Phoenix and his lead buyer specialist, Brandon Tracy.  Gary discusses with Kevin how hiring Brandon as his Lead Buyer Specialist with Showing Assistants is moving his business from good to exceptional.  Whether you are a newly licensed agent or an experienced realtor, the information shared in this audio session is invaluable.  Listen and learn now!

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Aaron Kaufman is a Keller Williams Growth Coach, who is passionate about sharing the KW story and attracting quality talent to Keller Williams Realty.

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