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Getting Buyers Under Contract By Showing LESS Homes

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Getting Buyers Under Contract By Showing LESS Homes


Sean Healey Keller Williams Denver

Sean Healey, The Healey Group – Keller Williams Realty Denver, CO

Are you looking for a proven strategy for getting your home buyers under contract by showing less homes?  One of the biggest misconceptions in the real estate industry, is that a real estate agent is best servicing their home buyers when they take them out multiple times and show them all of the houses available on the market in their price range.  The fact is, the most successful real estate agents do all of the hard work before they ever take out a home buyer, because they understand that their buyer’s time is valuable and they are getting paid a commission to not just show homes, but to find and get under contract the home that best fits their buyers’ wants and needs.  Not to mention the fact, that if you are spending all of your time showing too many houses to your home buyers, you are ultimately limiting how many home buyers you can work with at one time.  In this free real estate career audio training session from KW Agent Mountain, KW Mega Agent  Sean Healey tells Gary his strategy for only showing buyers one time and finding the home they want to purchase, so that his team can deliver the best customer service to a large amount of home buyers.   Whether you are a newly licensed real estate agent or an experienced agent looking to maximize your time as a real estate agent, the information shared in this audio session will be invaluable.

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