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Generate More Real Estate Business With An Employee Housing Assisted Program

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Edward Robinson,  The Maryland Residential Experts Team – KW Flagship of MD 

Generate More Real Estate Business With An Employee Housing Assisted Program

Do you think like a real estate agent or do you think like a business person?  The most successful real estate agents have the mindset that they are a business person, who happens to be in the real estate sales business.     Whether you are just considering starting a real estate career or you an experienced real estate agent looking to grow your real estate business,  thinking like a business owner rather than just a real estate agent, can give you the competitive advantage you need.  If you get really purposeful about your real estate lead generation and commit to building your value proposition to your potential client base, your real estate career success will be unlimited.

One of the most innovative ways to achieve this, is to consider creating or participating in an employee housing assisted program to generate more real estate business.   In this free real estate career audio training session from KW Agent Mountain, Gary Keller talks with Keller Williams associate Edward Robinson.  Edward talks with Gary about his employer-assisted housing program, FEAH, and how it can be a great tool for generating leads.  Edward’s innovative FEAH Program is a comprehensive housing solution offered to employers as a benefit to each employer’s employees.  Since the program costs the employer no time or money, it can be a great real estate lead generation tool for real estate agents wanting to grow their corporate real estate business. Listen and learn, as Edward shares how his employee housing assisted program has not only helped grow his real estate business, but how it is starting to revolutionize the real estate industry.

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