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Gary Keller’s Quantum Leap Presentation | Building A Life By Design

Gary Keller, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board – Keller Williams Realty

Quantum Leap

At Keller Williams Realty’s Family Reunion 2017, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board of KWRI and national best selling author, Gary Keller, delivered his annual presentation of his powerful and profound real estate agent career training class, Quantum Leap.   Listen and learn, as Gary digs into the power principles, disciplines and mindset that can help any real estate agent achieve massive success in their real estate business and a build a true life by design . If you truly want to capitalize on your personal power and expand your real estate business and life, bring clarity and intention to your choices and actions and understand how to balance building a successful real estate career with creating balance in your personal life, then Quantum Leap taught by Gary Keller, is THE real estate career training session you need to listen to!

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