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An Expired Listing Prospecting Strategy That Works | Keller Williams Mega Agent Training Interview

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Keller Williams Mega Agent Training Interview

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Aaron Wittenstein, Keller Willams Realty – White Plains, NY

An Expired Listing Prospecting Strategy That Works

One of the most cost effective and productive sources for real estate agents to generate new listings for their real estate businesses, is prospecting for expired listings.  Unfortunately, the majority of real estate agents do not want to commit to mastering the scripts for prospecting expired listings, they do not time block their expired listings cold calls everyday, and in the end, they simply do not want to hear the amount of ‘NO’s!’ that it takes to hear that one ‘YES!’  For the real estate agents that are purposeful about cold calling and prospecting expired listings and making it a systematic part of their daily lead generation, the listings generated can truly give those agents the competitive edge they need to dominate their local real estate market.

In this real estate career coaching session from Ryan Smith, The Niche Agent, Ryan sits down and talks with Keller Williams Realty Agent , Aaron Wittenstein, who is a true master on prospecting expired listings and turning them into sold listings for his real estate business.   Aaron discusses how he turned to prospecting expired listings, because he was new to his real estate market and did not have a lot of personal relationships.  Aaron shares his powerful mindset, scripts, systems and strategies that he has used  to successfully prospect expired listings.  By committing to time blocking his expired listing cold calls every morning and always coming from the mindset of contribution when speaking with expired listing sellers, Aaron is able to convert a consistent amount of expired listings into sold listings for his real estate business.   Aaron is a true master of real estate agent scripts and systems, and manages one of the largest and most active open Facebook groups for real estate agents to share lead generation scripts and objections, Lead Gen Scripts & Objections.  If you want to have more success with prospecting expired listings, listen and learn from an expired listing prospecting strategy that works.

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Aaron Kaufman is a Keller Williams Growth Coach, who is passionate about sharing the KW story and attracting quality talent to Keller Williams Realty.

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