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Door Knocking Scripts & Strategies For Real Estate Agents | Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview

The Real Estate Trainer Brian Icenhower Keller Williams Real Estate Coach


scott parmen keller williams

Scott Parman, Keller Williams Realty – Gladstone, MO

Door Knocking Scripts & Strategies For Real Estate Agents

One of the most cost effective and least utilized sources for real estate agents to generate new real estate business, is door knocking in a neighborhood that a real estate agent is targeting.   The truth is, most real estate agents are not willing to door knock, because they do not want to hear the amount of ‘NO’s!’ that it takes to hear that one ‘YES!!’.  For the real estate agents that are willing to practice and master the proven door knocking scripts and strategies and commit to time blocking the activity in their weekly schedules, they can truly create a competitive advantage for their real estate business.

In this real estate career coaching session from Keller Williams Realty Team Leader & Real Estate Coach, Brian Icenhower, interviews Scott Parman, a KW Mega Agent that is very purposeful about door knocking in his real estate business.   Scott shares how coming from the mindset of contribution and having a positive perspective, allowed him to overcome the limiting belief about door knocking.  Listen and learn, as Scott and Brian share some of the best and most effective door knocking scripts and strategies that are working for real estate agents today.  If you want to have real success with your real estate door knocking, come from service and provide value, practice your scripts and simply commit to be consistent and persistent with your efforts!

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