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Building A Successful Real Estate Team | Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview

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The Real Estate Trainer Brian Icenhower Keller Williams Real Estate Coach

Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview

justin flanagan keller williams

Justin Flanagan, Topmark Realty – Keller Williams Katy, TX

Building A Successful Real Estate Team

The real estate team model has quickly become the norm in the real estate industry, for how the most successful real estate agents have structured their real estate careers.  A highly successful real estate career is not just about making it money, it is also about being able to create the leverage and flexibility in your real estate business and life, so that you can focus on the activities that you are most productive at and enjoying doing the most.    Top real estate agents understand, that in order to create the highest level of quality of life in their real estate career, that it is just as important to always be lead generating for real estate business as it is to be lead generating for real estate talent.  The right hire to a real estate team can make all of the difference, and conversely, the wrong hire to a real estate team can make all of the difference too.  Learning how the top producing real estate teams in today’s real estate industry are being built, structured and expanded into different markets, can give you the true road map to building your real estate career and business to the highest level.   In this powerful Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview, Brian Icenhower, sits down and talks with KW Mega Agent Justin Flanagan, of the Topmark real estate team in Katy, TX.   In only five years into his real estate career, Justin and his real estate team,  is on track to sell hundreds of homes this year.  Listen and learn, as Justin shares how he has built and structured his real estate team, his best real estate lead generation sources and the proven models and systems his real estate team implements to continuously grow and expand their real estate team and business.   Justin calls himself the CEO of his real estate team, which stands for Chief Energy Officer, and he understands that if he can help the members on his real estate team succeed…he will succeed.  It is this ‘Success Through Others’ abundant mindset that has been the catalyst for attracting and keeping the highest quality talent on his real estate team.  Whether you are just starting your real estate career or are an existing agent considering building your own real estate team, the information shared in this interview is invaluable. Listen and learn, as one of the true experts at building and expanding a successful real estate team in today’s real estate industry, shares with you his powerful mindset and proven systems and strategies.

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Aaron Kaufman is a Keller Williams Growth Coach, who is passionate about sharing the KW story and attracting quality talent to Keller Williams Realty.

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