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Building A Real Estate Team With Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) | Keller Williams Mega Agent Career Interview

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Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview

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Lance Loken & Sara De Saint Marceaux – The Loken Group, Keller Williams Realty Houston, TX

Building A Real Estate Team With Inside Sales Agents (ISAs)

If you are at a point in your real estate career where you are considering building a real estate team or already have an existing real estate team and want to know how to leverage Inside Sales Agents(ISAs) to take your real estate team to the next level, you have come to the right place. Why would you want to  try to do it on your own or reinvent the wheel, when the most successful real estate agents at building a real estate team that utilizes Inside Sales Agents,  are willing to share with you how they do it at the highest level?  In this powerful Lead Gen TV interview with Keller Williams Mega Agent Lance Loken and his VP of Inside Sales, Sara De Saint Marceaux, sit down and talk with Nick Baldwin & Aaron Wittenstein, the creators of Lead Gen Scripts & Objections, one of the most popular and powerful real estate agent mastermind groups on Facebook, share how they have built one of the most successful real estate teams in the country in Houston, TX in a very short period of time, leveraging Inside Sales Agents.

Lance and Sara share what real estate lead generation strategies they initially used to generate the amount of real estate leads they needed initially to build a real estate team, and how leveraging Inside Sales Agents has been the real catalyst behind them closing over $138 million in transactions in 2014.     Lance and Sara share how everything starts with learning how to attract the right talent to your real estate team, and then making sure that you properlty train, support and hold them accountable, so that everyone is vested in the success of the real estate team.  If you are really considering building a real estate team, especially if you are interested in leveraging Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) on your real estate team, the information shared in this interview is invaluable.

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