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How To Build A Mega Agent Expansion Real Estate Business

Real Estate Team Building

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Seychelle Van Poole – Van Poole Properties – Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Mega Agent Expansion Interview

Fred Weaver, Group 46:10 

Cody Gibson, United Home Group

Building A Mega Real Estate Expansion Team

Based on the vision of Gary Keller and the collective masterminding of the top Keller Williams Realty mega real estate agents around N. America, Keller Williams Realty has rolled out a ground-breaking real estate training and coaching program to help mega agents expand their real estate businesses into additional markets across their state, the country and even internationally. At Keller Williams Realty, we believe that the real estate agents that are able to generate the highest volume of consistent real estate business, that can attract and retain the best talent and can build real estate teams and businesses that are also duplicatable, should ultimately be able to expand their real estate businesses into additional markets.   Through Keller Williams Realty’s innovative and industry leading Mega Agent Expansion Model, our top real estate teams now have a proven model for expanding their real estate businesses into additional real estate markets.

In this powerful Keller Williams Mega Agent interview from the KW North Texas/New Mexico/Memphis region, Seychelle Van Poole sits down and talks with two of the top KW Expansion Agents in our company, Fred Weaver and Cody Gibson.  Listen and learn, as Fred and Cody share how they started their real estate careers, grew their real estate businesses and then how they built their expanded their real estate businesses into additional real estate markets.  Whether you are just looking to simply grow your existing real estate business, are considering building your own real estate team, or want to better understand the mega agent expansion model and opportunity,  the information that Fred and Cody share in this recorded interview is invaluable.   Make sure to also check out Fred & Cody’s real estate agent mastermind group on Facebook: Real Estate Agent Who Want Real Results.

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