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An Online Content Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents

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An Online Content Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents

Whether you are just starting your real estate career or are an experienced agent looking to grow your online presence, committing to a proven online content marketing strategy can give your real estate career the competitive edge it needs. In today’s real estate industry, over 92% of home buyers are utilizing the internet in their home searches and over 50% of those buyers, are utilizing mobile devices.  The truth is, whether you like it or not, you simply can no longer ignore internet lead generation in your real estate business.

In this powerful real estate career training session from the KW Maryland/DC region’s agent mastermind, KW Mega Agent and internet real estate marketing guru Lori Ballen, shares her proven online content marketing strategy for real estate agents.   Lori and her real estate team consistently close over 100 transactions a year off of her internet lead generation strategy and since the majority of her online leads are generated from her consistent and persistent online content marketing strategy, which is extremely low cost, her ROI is incredible.  It is true what they say, ‘that content is King on the internet’, but understanding how to format and where to share that content is just as important.

If you want to really get purposeful about generating more real estate leads from the internet and are willing to be consistent and persistent with your efforts, following Lori’s proven online content marketing strategy for real estate agents is the place to start.   Listen and learn, as one of the true masters of internet real estate lead generation in the industry, offers her tips and strategies for how to build a powerful online presence for your real estate business through content marketing.

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