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A Practical Guide To Real Estate Career Success | Find The ONE Thing

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A Practical Guide To Real Estate Career Success

Jay Papasan The One Thing

Jay Papasan, VP of Publishing – KELLERInk

Find The ONE Thing


If your are just starting your real estate career or you are an experienced real estate agent looking to get your real estate business back on track, you must understand that only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and true real estate career success.  The most successful real estate agents understand that by focusing on their ONE Thing, and being consistent and persistent with their efforts, they can secure the competitive advantage they need to take their real estate careers and personal lives to the highest level.   At Keller Williams Realty, we believe that the ONE THING real estate agents need to focus on, are the 20% of the activities that will ultimately generate 80% of the real estate business.  Learning how to focus on your 20%, will enable you to create the leverage you need in your real estate business to delegate the 80% of the activities that you should not be doing.

From Keller Williams Realty Founder Gary Keller & VP of Publishing for KELLERInk, Jay Papasan, the authors of The New York Times Best Sellers, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times ,  comes their next best selling real estate career training book,  The ONE Thing.   In this real estate career training video from ActiveRain Univeristy, Jay Papasan  discusses practical examples and tools for you to use when trying to discover what your ONE THING is in your real estate career and life, and then how to go about making it happen.    If you are looking for a practical guide or a road map to real estate career success, listen and learn from one of the true masters in the real estate industry on teaching real estate agents how to think small to build a BIG real estate business and life.

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